Carpet Cleaning

Carpet can take huge amount of soils, grit, foods and bacteria which may deeply embed into the carpet body. We usually cannot see them but they can damage the carpet and also can cause illness to our kids. So we have to keep the carpet clean always.

Routine carpet maintenance: This is the everyday procedure to maintain the carpet which can be done by putting walk off matt before entering to the carpet, prevent entering outdoor dust and soils, regular vacuuming etc.

Cleaning Checklist for Carpet Cleaning

Periodic cleaning

Carpet need deep cleaning every ¾ month. There is various method of carpet cleaning. The most common methods are steam cleaning, extraction cleaning and shampoo cleaning.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is performed by a special team machine with about 170 degree Celsius steams which kills all germs and bacteria and cleans the carpet. Carpet will be dried in an hour. This makes the carpet clean and stain free.

Extraction Cleaning

For the extraction carpet cleaning, a powerful extraction machine is used to extract dust and dirt from inside the carpet with warm water mixed with chemical.

Shampoo Cleaning

If the carpet is very dirty, then that need shampoo cleaning. When we do shampoo cleaning it will take 5/6 hours to become dry in summer and more time in winter. Shampoo cleaning removes all stains, soils and dirt from the carpet.